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Add new atributes in profileCMP

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Joined: 2006-12-18

Hi all,
I'm trying to add new atributes in the CallControl profileCMP, I modify the profiles files (, and the script that adds the users (zCallControl-profiles.bsh), but it doesn't work correctly. Maybe I miss to change other file.
How can I do that??
Maybe I must create a new profile spec and delete the other??

Thanks. Javier

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Joined: 2006-12-18

Hi again,
I have tryed to create a new profile using the older attributes and adding a new one. XState boolean type . But it shows the same error...

18:33:03,921 INFO [STDOUT] setCtx: org.jboss.varia.deployment.BeanShellScript@b0a3d6
18:33:03,921 INFO [SleeBeanShellUtil] Starting deployment of SLEE services...
18:33:03,921 INFO [SleeBeanShellUtil] Starting creation of Profiles...
18:33:03,921 INFO [SleeBeanShellUtil] after server...
18:33:03,953 INFO [DefaultProfileManagementInterceptor] setUserAddress value null
18:33:03,953 INFO [DefaultProfileManagementInterceptor] setBlockedAddresses value null

18:33:03,953 INFO [DefaultProfileManagementInterceptor] setBackupAddress value null
18:33:03,953 INFO [DefaultProfileManagementInterceptor] setVoicemailState value false
[b]18:33:03,953 WARN [SleeBeanShellUtil] Bad result: slee:name=ProfileProvisoningMBean.createProfileTable java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.mobicents.slee.examples.callcontrol.profile.CallContro
18:33:03,953 INFO [SleeBeanShellUtil] *** AddressProfileTable CallControl created.
18:33:03,953 INFO [SleeBeanShellUtil] ********** CREATE PROFILE: torosvi **********
18:33:03,968 INFO [SleeBeanShellUtil] *** 11111111111111111.
18:33:03,968 ERROR [DefaultProfileManagementInterceptor] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
18:33:03,968 ERROR [SleeProfileManager] Failed addProfileToProfileTable

The problem is that it doesn't find the attribute XState. I think I forget to change other file that includes references to that attributes, but I don't know which.

I'm blocked in that point, I hope somebody could lead me to the right way.


Joined: 2005-10-19

Hi Javier.

I've experienced the same problem and figured out that running the "clean" target was the solution. The problem is that since and aren't updated, they aren't recompiled... neither are their dependencies!

So the easy way to solve it is to clean the callcontroller before deploying.

Hope this helps!
Alexandre Mendonça

Joined: 2006-12-18

Thanks a lot Alexandre,

Now it recognise the new attribute correctly.

Thanks again.