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how to send a very large SOAP message.

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how do i send a very large SOAP message at the time of web service invocation.

basically i am trying to develop a denial of service demo. I need to over whelm the server with user requests so that some of the requests will be denied. I haven't been successful so far.

i have planned the demo this way:
I developed a web service which provides a response after 30 secs. i am passing a very large string as a parameter for the web service(hoping to increase the SOAP message size). I tried tweaking with the server setting so that only two requests can be processed concurrently, but still there is response when i try to access from four clients concurrently.

could you please provide with some valuable suggestions.

Thanks in anticipation.


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seems there are similar test cases for WS Reliable Messaging.
So, I can advice you to ask this question on WSIT forum [1].