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Extracting sprites from JAR

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I've tried to decompile a JAR file containing some kind of mobile game to get the sprites it used. However, decompiler processes only class files and I'm left with files like s0,s1,s2,i,d1,d2 (no extensions). How can I extract the graphic files? Thanks in advance.

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You can try DJ Java Decompiler's Archiver tool:

Joined: 2008-01-08

Im affraid i cant help, but ive also been trying to do just that.. for ages.. with NO LUCK AT ALL.

but i can tell why this is so hard.

You need the compiler/decompiler that wrote the .class in the first place, otherwise you get broken files that dont mean much at all, or you get what you want but you cant do much with it.(sounds like what you have rite there)
Also you need the rite compiler to put it back together if you wanna MOD the game sprites and get them to work in the origional game.

Plus...whoever wrote it in the first place probably doesnt want people to hack away at thier pretty little game anyway. i know it sucks...
but it means they aint about to go and tell you how its done or what thay used to do it.

Ive been tryin for ages to do this sort of stuff.. i think i have it from time to time.. i usualy turn out to be wrong.

also it all depends what your intetions are for the sprites in question.

if you just want them for shits-n-giggles (i.e to look at them and say "oh what a pretty picture"
Its easy. use a j2me emulator, (such as mpowerplayer) to play the game and take screen shots of it or what ever.

but im gonna guess you wanna mod a game.

and all i can say is. Good luck.

But i dont suppose you know how to shrink resolutions for .jar games to port them phones with smaller screens.
thier must be a way.