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Newbie to phoneME regarding compilation time

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Joined: 2007-03-06

I'm working on conducting some experiments on phoneME feature, but I find that I spend much time on compiling it.

Could anyone guide me some informations about how to reduce majority of compilation time? maybe like turning off some options?

I compiled phoneME feature targeting i386/linux.

By the way, I compare compilation time of phoneME feature with that of advanced edition:

If any means can reduce the time, I can save much time for just waiting:)

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Joined: 2006-09-25

Here are some hints to reduce the build time for phoneME Feature VM.

The VM supports three variants of builds: debug, release and product.
They differ in the amount of debugging information included.
The default make target 'all' builds all the three variants.

If you want to build only one variant, you can use corresponding make targets,
e.g. 'make debug' for debug VM build.

You can also use parallel build targets: 'parallel_debug', 'parallel_release' or
'parallel_product'. Note that parallel build is supported only on Linux.

Joined: 2006-10-18

Hi! By the way - do you compile full phoneME Feature and Advanced? I.e. - do you include all JSRs available? Compiling JSRs takes some time and Advanced include much less number of these. Another question - what Feature code do you use - is it MR1, MR2 dev release (what build number) or code from repository? There were several build system problems fixed in last dev release of MR2 (and repo of course) so it should be faster