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Prob with tabbed view

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Joined: 2006-08-17

HI!! my prob is similiar to phonenk's jmaki.dcontainer prob. i use both dojo.tabbedview and yahoo.tabbedview. when i try to view the jsp page containing these , through ie6 i get the error message -'i9nvalid argument'. but my page is displayed perfectly when i view it through mozilla!! why is it so?
how do i integrate other widgets from dojo (not available with jmaki) with my application? i would like to integrate dojo's form validator wideget


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Joined: 2006-08-17

IE 6 does not support both dojo.tabbed view and yahoo.tabbedview.

Joined: 2003-07-31

Could you send a code snippet of the page you are using?

A quick fix would be to set the property iframe : true on the specific tab:

{label:'My Tab', url : 'page1.jsp', iframe : true},
{label:'My Tab 2', content: 'Tab 2 Content'}
]}" />

I will give IE 6 a look.

Also what version of jMaki are you using?

Joined: 2006-08-17

I am able to view the content jsp pages of the tabs as iframes through mozilla. But I still get the same error through IE 6. As I am new to jmaki, I am using the widgets as-is and not adding any further coding. This is how I am using the dojo.tabbedview widget-

value="{tabs:[{label:'Sathyam', url: 'sathyam.jsp', iframe:true},
{label:'JSN SMS', url: 'jsn-sms.jsp', iframe:true},
{label:'Advisory Council', url: 'acouncil.jsp', iframe:true},
{label:'JSN Services', url: 'services.jsp', iframe:true},
{label:'Faculty Resources',url: 'faculty.jsp', iframe:true},
{label:'Library', url: 'library.jsp', iframe:true},
{label:'Downloads', url: 'downloads.jsp', iframe:true},
{label:'News', url: 'jsn-news.jsp', iframe:true},
{label:'JSN-RCG', url: 'rcg.jsp', iframe:true},
{label:'Contacts', url: 'contacts.jsp', iframe:true} ]}" />

Also, how do I use other dojo widgets, not available with jamki, in my application (For eg. Form validator or Floating Pane)