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Welcome to -and- phoneME Developer Forum

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This is a new mailing list, for discussion of general
phoneME issues that apply to both phoneME Advanced and phoneME Feature.

This mailing list is cross-posted to the phoneME Developer Forum, which has the
same charter. Any messages posted to the forum will also appear in this mailing

The initial population of of the mailing list is the
union of the current membership of the and mailing lists. If you decide you don't want to be
on the mailing list, please visit

to unsubscribe yourself. The advanced@ and feature@ mailing lists will remain
and continue with their current charters, for discussion of phoneME Advanced
and phoneME Feature. These mailing lists are also cross-linked with the phoneME
Advanced and phoneME Feature forums, respectively.

Stuart Marks
Hinkmond Wong
phoneME Project Owners

To unsubscribe, e-mail:
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