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Dev Performance Monitoring tool?

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Joined: 2006-12-04

I don't want to duplicate the efforts that the performance team is doing, instead I am more interested in getting the detailed performance related info about, say, 'every unit test'.

The picture in my mind is, there are a special set of unit tests (or maybe all the unit tests). Each unit test will have a list of baseline performance data such as the execution time, # of objects being created, total amount of memory being allocated during the execution, # of queries (if not an integration test, then no need), execution time spent in each layer, and more...

These tests will be executed every night or for every build, a report will be generated to show how many improved and how many degredation, etc..

I could probably use AOP to do some of it and use tools like P6spy to get the DB part, however, it will be even much easier if there are tools out there that can do this.

Any input will be appreciated.


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