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JPQL: outer join on entity beans without association

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i want to know whether it is possible to write JPQL query, involving outer join on entity beans without association??

e.g. 2 entity beans:

class Employee
String name;

String projectID;

String phone;

class Project
String projectID;

String description;

***each employee can involed in zero or one project
***project can have zero or more employee joined.

the 2 entity beans above don't have any association defined.

what i want to is to write a query to get a list of employee and, if exists,
the project employee involved in.

select, p
from Employee e left join Project p on (e.projectID = p.projectID)

>>i search the document / tutorials that all left join examples involve

>>e.g. select xx from XX left join XX.yy

could anybody tell me the answer?

thank you

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is there any issue defining a ManyToOne relationship between Employee and Project? This would make it much easier:
SELECT, p FROM Employee e LEFT JOIN e.project p

I do not have a good solution for the entity classes without relationship. You could run two separate queries. One query returning the employees being involved in a project:
SELECT, p FROM Employee e, Project p WHERE e.projectID = p.projectID
And another query returning the employees without project:
SELECT FROM Employee e WHERE e.projectID IS NULL

I thought about using an OR expression:
SELECT, p FROM Employee e, Project p WHERE e.projectID IS NULL OR e.projectID = p.projectID
But this would combine any employee without a project with all the projects stored in the database and this is certainly not what you want.

Regards Michael