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Service provider and other META-INF content access in applet

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I have burned quote a lot of time last week trying to get a JAX-RPC 1.6, SAAJ based web service client to work from within an applet. I tried everything without any positive results.

I finally reverted to hand-crafting my messages, initially using JavaMail's MimeMultipart. This also seemed to fail. All failures pointed to an inability of the applet (trusted: signed and all) to access META-INF contents such as SPI definitions.

In the end, I handcoded Multipart message creation and got my applet talking to my web service.
See tail end of thread:

Can anyone tell me if my attempts were futile to begin with, or if there is indeed a way to get this working?

I was running my applet within Firefox using JRE6.


I also opened a SAAJ issue with this problem:

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