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Translation depending to View

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Joined: 2007-03-13

i am new to Java3D and i would like to translate an object (Shape3D) by using the mouse. The scene is also rotatable and the translation should depend on the view, so that the object should always be translated to the left when the mouse is moved to the left.

I tried it with the class PickTranslateBehavior, but it doesnt seems to depend on the view. it always translates in the same directions. So if one rotate the scene 180 degrees, the object is translated to the right when moving the mouse to the left. And thats not what i want.

What i want is exactly the behavior that is used for translation with the 3rd mousebutton in the class OrbitBehavior, which one can use for the ViewPlatform.
But how can i use this behavior for a single Object in the scene? I dont get it, so it would be very nice if someone can give me some help here.

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Joined: 2012-01-19

i am java3d noob, so i only provide an idea... not a solution!

what about a multi-locale implementation so that there are two systems of reference... you know... maby...

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I have the same problem.... Please Help us