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File Upload with Progress Bar

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Joined: 2007-03-11


What is the easiest way to du a file-upload with a progress bar?
Are there any ideas for jmaki?
Or is it a good way to implement the tomahawk file upload und try to combine it with the jmaki dojo widget?

Has anybody done something like this before?

thanks a lot

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Joined: 2003-07-31

I would like to see a combo client/server file updload widget where you could swap the front end provider. The BluePrints team created a Progress Bar for the original creator and I'll check with them to see if we can create a generic one. One thing to also consider is that we woudl like to also have the same capabilities in PHP and Phobos. A big selling point of jMaki is the cross platform and cross library support for JavaScript widgets.