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Please review: Improved export of test sources

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Joined: 2006-11-28

Hi all,

I've prepared new update which addresses some issues related to export of tests sources in test export mode.


Java sources are copied into export directory with the same relative pathnames as they are stored in test suite. These pathnames don't always respect Java package names of copied sources. This makes difficult debugging, because most debugger looks for sources in locations corresponding the Java package names.


Added simple Java source parser for extracting package names from copied sources. Exported test sources are now copied into right locations suitable for debugging.

This update include fixed ExportScript which copies the sources, new Java Source Model code including a simple Java parser and new unit tests.

Update is available in my branch:

from revision 419 to HEAD

I cannot give you a link to FishEye because it's currently out of sync with the Subversion repository, and my update is not visible on FishEye.

Will send patch with this update in next post.

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Dmitri Trounine

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