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dojo api like tree component

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Joined: 2006-08-14

I was just looking at the dojo api reference at and the right side has methods with a tree like plus next to them. But the contents are not other nodes, they are content pains that expand and contract.

Is this possible with any of the jMaki components?

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Joined: 2003-07-31

Add a tree to your page. I suggest putting it in a sidebar. Here is the tree I'm using:

'root':{'title': 'Default Tree Root Node',
'expanded': true,
'children': [
{'title':'Node 1.1', 'onclick': {'url':'foo.jsp'}},
{'title':'Node 1.2',
'children': [
{'title':'Node 3.1', 'onclick': {'url':'foo2.jsp'}}
}" />

Now add a jMaki dynamic container to another region of the page. I suggest the content area. The dcontainer needs to be in a sized container (something where the CSS height and width is set).

Add a jmaki.dcontainer widget as follows:

Add the following to your jMaki glue.js file:

jmaki.addGlueListener({'topic' : '/dojo/tree',
'action': 'call',
'target': {
'object': 'jmaki.listeners',
'functionName': 'handleTree'

jmaki.listeners.handleTree = function(args) {
jmaki.publish("/jmaki/mycontainer", args.url);

Now when you double click on a sub node the dynamic container will load the page associated with the url you used on the tree.

You will need more pages to represent what was loaded (or a servlet/jsp to generate what the url needs).

Let me know if this doesn't work.