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Wonderland at GDC

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Well almost.

The Sun booth at GDC will be showing a mockup of Project Wonderland. We have another 8 weeks or so before the first public demo of the wonderland code base at JavaOne ;-)

The team has been really busy laying the foundation technologies which are currently in CVS, but you will see a huge surge in activity post GDC as the demo code gets integrated with Project Wonderland.

This page describes the various collaboration components from Sun Labs, some of which we will leverage for Wonderland. In particular the Voice Bridge and MPK20. MPK20 will be a building/space within the Wonderland virtual environment where the labs team will experiment with a broad range of ideas. The focus here will be on business collaboration. For the broader virtual world in Wonderland we expect to see collaborative spaces form for work on, research of and enjoyment of many other interests.



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Joined: 2003-06-13

The MPK20 demo is being received really well at GDC. The voice bridge is working great which provides the partially spatialised audio (stereo with attenuation). When you walk upto a group of talking users it's really clear who is talking.

The visuals of course don't compare with some of the awesome games on display, but thats not the point. The in world snapshots of the apps look good and combined with the live audio give an excellent impression of what wonderland should look like.

The voice bridge, avatar system and updated world geometry will be appearing in this project over the next few weeks.

In terms of the art path I was talking to the COLLADA folks. COLLADA is a data interchange format originally proposed by Sony that is gaining wide adoption. I'm thinking to adopt this as the primary input format for Wonderland. The format supports a huge range of features, including physics elements. COLLADA seems to be well supported by the tool vendors and there are number of open source tools for manipulating/filtering the content.

Anyway, back to the show....

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For anyone UK based...
We're running [i]most[/i] of the LookingGlass, Wonderland and MPK20 GDC demos on a booth at the Sun Tech Days, London [1] event, Wednesday and Thursday this week! (sorry for the late notice)
Looks like registration's still open (though I make no guarantee!) and James Gosling's talking on Thursday.
Who could ask for anything more! (*2)
Perhaps see you there!

*2: other than Hideya, Paul and the gang ;)

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Shame, I just saw this and I missed the opportunity, i would have liked to see it, although I am sure there will be more opportunities at some point.

Are there any more events scheduled for this year?