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Notes on How to Build "phoneME Feature MR1" on Windows 2000

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:: Notes on How to Build "phoneME Feature MR1" on Windows 2000
:: I. Prerequisites
:: 0. We assume that your PC has VC7 and J2SDK 1.4.2 installed.
:: 1. Download from
:: 2. Unpack it. Let's say D:\Elastos20.SDK\src\j2me\pme_feature. Then we got an D:\Elastos20.SDK\src\j2me\pme_feature\docs\GetStart.pdf
:: It's a nice tutorial.
:: 3. Download Cyg4Me package from:
:: 4. Unpack it to D:\cyg4me and add Cyg4Me to Path like this (make sure
:: D:/\cyg4me\bin comes first):
:: D:> set Path=D:\cyg4me\bin;%Path%
:: II. Build it (Windows/i386, emulation mode)
:: 1. Open a cmd.exe box, and invoke D:\vs7\Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat to
:: setup environment VC7.
:: 2. Invoke buildme.bat

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I've finally completed the wiki entry on building phoneME Feature MR2 on Windows:

-- Terrence