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jMaki versions are confusing

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Joined: 2003-06-17

Hi all, I saw some jMaki demos and it looks cool, so I went to download pages, but I see the version numbers are somewhat confusing.

At the download pages there are:
1.0 Beta 2 (v .8.3.1)
1.0 Beta 1 (v .7)

At the netbeans update center, the "jMaki Ajax support" plugin, informs 1.6.8, what is this number related to the versions above ?

What I found confusing, is the 1.0 (beta) v .8.3.1., does that means, the release will go to something like v .9.x and finally 1.0 FCS ?

After all, I want to play with the lates version, so I downloaded the 1.0 (beta 2) v .8.3.1

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Joined: 2003-07-31

The version numbers are something we've struggled with and we are more than open to suggestions.

We do plan on normalizing this for our official 1.0 release.