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Tomcat and web applications

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I'm new to Tomcat, I installed and configured Tomcat on my desktop and placed a web appliction in Tomcat's webapps directory. I wrote a serlvet and got it to compile via the command. How can I pass the results of the servlet to a jsp.

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You can store the servlet results in Page Context/Session/Context of the servlet.
Then you JSP will be able pick those results and display.
Make Sure you have configured you web application to use this Servlet & JSP.

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hai...ok. now u will get one class file. put that class file inside ur webapps/yourappname/WEB-INF/classes. And configure web.xml under WEB-INF. in the web.xml , write element and and . then, give in the . now put ur url in the browser. and it will get the output of servlet class. this may help ur. how about???