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code review for added interview question

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Allen Wang

Hi Alexander,

In CDC and FP TCKs, some networking tests require host name and some
require IP address as parameters. In most cases, host name and IP
address are interchangeable. But for some tests, they try to verify host
name and/or IP address returned from DNS and may fail if the returned
value does not match the values supplied in the interview. For example,
if a host does have a valid host name in DNS but a literal IP address is
used in the "Host Name" question, some tests may fail.

The agent automatic starting question is optional in DTFInterview. It is
controlled by a boolean argument in the constructor. If client code
chooses to omit this question (by default), no question about passive
agent host will be asked.


Alexander Alexeev wrote:

> Hi Allen,
> just curious if we can provide IP through HostQuestion why we need
> questions for asking IPs for JavaTest host and passive agent host?
> And I think the questions about agent automatic starting and passive
> agent's host don't make sense in MIDP mode.
> Thanks,
> Alexander
> Allen Wang wrote:
>> Hi Alexander,
>> Please review the latest changes.
>> I changed HostQuestion to allow IP addresses as values because in
>> some cases, the host may not have a host name. Also, IPv6 addresses
>> may be used and they have ":" in them which may be rejected by
>> current question.
>> thanks,
>> Allen
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Allen,
>>> as was suggested by Vladimir I've started to review your interview
>>> changes and have following comments.
>>> 1. Why to move CommInterview constants to separate class? Seems they
>>> only make sense in CommInterview and so more appropriate to hold
>>> them there.
>>> 2. Is it really needed to export framework location in DTF
>>> interview? It's exported in the MidpTckBaseInterview already. FYI
>>> the method returns framework location will be created in the
>>> J2meTckFrameworkInfo class in the upcoming changes for the enabling
>>> separate framework installation.
>>> 3. I've not seen any access points to the new interviews. Is it
>>> intentional and TCK's specific interview should create them by
>>> itself? I think it possible to detect that TCK need a DTF or
>>> sigtest interview and create them from VmInterview.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Alexander
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