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adding online help to your javahelp

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I am looking for a technique that will allow users to access wiki pages to contribute help comments which could then be included into my application (presuming a web connection is present). These comments and suggestions would then need to be accessed via the javahelp.

I have tested using the following link within a javahelp html page:

See also: help on a confluence wiki

**I had to change the html here to have it display in this forum.

But of course, when it is clicked on I get a complete mess in the javahelp frame. It looks like my online page but includes text from the css and quite frankly looks like a formatting disaster. I am assuming this is probably a "browser" problem.

Any ideas how I could approach this problem in another way? Alternatively is there a way I can continue down this path but with the output looking well formatted?


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Yep, this is a 'browser' problem. You could use a native browser instead of the JEditorPane that is used in JH (which doesn't fully support HTML 4.0)

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To imbed native browser into your Swing application, look at the JDIC project: The site documentation is dated, but the code seems to be under continued development.