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Java project, needed some suggestions as well as help. Please.

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Sorry if this thread doesnt belong to this section. This is my very first post here. Your free to move this thread, but please notify about the destination section. I really apologize...

Hello Masters and Experts of java...

I desperately need guidance and suggestions form all of you to do a java project..

Now i already have a project in my mind. That is Task Manager of windows (Right click Desktop Task bar (in windows)-> Task manager in MS-windows xp Or similar in Linux ie. Top command) to be done in java (of course with GUI at the end)...I want that crap M$ application done in amazing Java and to be platform independent. I dont know how far this project is good and how far it can be solved.

Coz i dont know if java supports built in API for getting Operating system running process...And to kill or restart or do what ever i can on them, just like Task Manager of windows works exactly..

If this project is not good, then please suggest me a good one, considering (keeping in mind) that i am not expert in java. Also with the following points too:

Well my requeirements is:

1) It should not be more related towards database. I mean database work with the project should be very less as possible. Umm....may be 10-20%...Coz i want to code alot in java than work with database...

2) I only know core java and now learning adv java. But surely dont know j2ee,jsp,database,beans etc...So only can work with core java...

3) GUI is not at all important for me....GUI will be an optional work i guess..

Thanks alot...