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creating FloatingPanel component

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I'm trying to create a dojo FloatingPanel component but doesn't work




// define the namespaces

jmaki.widgets.dojo.floatingpane.Widget = function(wargs) {

var self = this;
var uuid = wargs.uuid;
var container = document.getElementById(wargs.uuid);

var form = dojo.widget.createWidget("FloatingPane",
title: "My Pane",
constrainToContainer: true,
hasShadow: true,
resizable: false,
displayMinimizeAction: true,
bgColor: "#515362",
bgOpacity: 0.4,
toggle: "explode",
toggleDuration: 300,
executeScripts: true,


.dojoFloatingPane {
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
position: relative;



mozzilla javascript error:

Erro: uncaught exception: [Exception... "An invalid or illegal string was specified" code: "12" nsresult: "0x8053000c (NS_ERROR_DOM_SYNTAX_ERR)" location: "http://localhost:8080/atmOsFacelets/resources/jmaki.js Line: 612"]

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Joined: 2003-07-31

I used your code as it with the included component.html and everything works fine.

You will need to put the widget code under the /resources/dojo/floatingpane directory

So your component.html needs to be:

<div id="${uuid}" class="dojoFloatingPane"></div>

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Joined: 2003-07-31

I am seeing the error in FF still and I'm wondering if this is because the pane requires a URL to load?
I don't know the widget that well.

Also in your create widget call you don't want to end it with a , as this is not a proper Object literal and will result in an Error on Safari.

Joined: 2007-03-12

I am seeing a weird problem. Created a jmaki widget with dojo Floating Panel. Same what the person who initiated this thread have done.
I have a jsp page loaded in an iframe - inside which there is a dojo.tabbedview. widget. It loads the tab area with a jsp page for each tab selection. In one of that jsp page I have used this Floating Panel widget.
Whenever I do some change in the jsp page & save it & run the application - the Floating panel gets rendered properly. But after that I either reload / refresh/ open another instance of the application in a new browser window..... it shows a shrinked shadowed icon. That's it.

Seeing repeadetly this error in console "node has no properties
utils.js (line 798)" & can see only this line & no contents of the file
" GET http://localhost:8090/KUFDemo/resources/libs/dojo/version.4.1/src/widget...
dojo.js (line 764)".

Not an expert in JS & new to Jmaki - so anybody smell anything wrong - pls update u'r suggestions.

Joined: 2003-07-31

Any way you could send me the web app and I'll give it a look

gregory.murray at ?