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JSONArray to AjaxResult???

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Below is how I am converting a JSONArray to an AjaxResult. Is this the right way?

<br />
    public void countryService(FacesContext context,<br />
            AjaxResult result) {<br />
        result.setResponseType(AjaxResult.JSON);<br />
        JSONArray countriesData = new JSONArray();<br />
        JSONArray countryData = new JSONArray();<br />
        // simple hack to get some data for this example<br />
        countryData.put("Japan");<br />
        countryData.put("JP");<br />
        countryData.put("Thailand");<br />
        countryData.put("UK");<br />
        countriesData.put(countryData);<br />
        l// Is this the best way to convert to AjaxResult?<br />
        result.append(countriesData.toString());<br />
    }<br />

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This seems like a practical way to emit JSON. I like this because it's simple.