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Aiming targets without lookat

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I need to make a targeting system that progressively aims some object in the space from a fixed point (pratically pointing stars in the sky from Earth).

Given 2 objects at different coordinates, I compute their angles on the XZ and YZ plane using Math.atan2(y1,x1). In this case I have no problem, even if some hints for using
aVector3d.angle(anotherVector3d) could be really appreciated.

My problem occurs when some rotation have been applied to the viewer axes, I cannot figure out how to obtain the local viewer Z axis respect to its world Z axis for calculating the angle between them.

Please, can you help me? Thanks

sorry for my poor English :)

Just for other people searching fast solutions, solved calculating heading, attitude and banking of the viewer. For more information see great documentation provided by Martin Baker on his website

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