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new orange java plugin animation

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Joined: 2004-01-15

I remember when I first saw the current rotating sundial-like animation
with the java logo displayed on it, I thought it looked nice and was an
improvement, but my first reaction to this new orange glow was revulsion
and WTF?

Let me try to describe specific reasons for my dislike:

1. The bright orange... this is the first I've seen this bright orange.
Was there some change to the logo and colors? Does Sun feel like
Java needs to do something to grabs people's attention? Well, it
grabbed my attention, but in a negative way.

If I web to, I see there is orange, but the logo
is a positive blue and orange on white background not this negative
white on orange background. The logo on looks
much better. Why can you just show that on a white background.
You can still do some kind of animation.

If there is anyway at all to avoid solid background of bright orange,
please do so. People don't care that you know how to do shiny OSX
orange gradients in Java now.

2. With applets, you want them to load as fast as possible.
I like a progress bar, but you better show the progress bar ASAP and
as soon as that progress bar is filled, you want to see the applet running.

If you want to do snazzy animation, you better do it while the progress
bar is displayed, otherwise you are gonna piss people off.

If you want to say "Come visit us at", you better show it
while the progress bar is loading, not afterwards. This is sure to piss
people off.

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Joined: 2007-03-07

Thanks for your comments. We'll take your feedback into consideration for future changes to animation.
I wanted to clarify that advertisement part at the end of the animation does not take any additional time before applet loads. As soon as all the resources needed to start the applet are loaded - applet will show up. This is why you won't always see advertisement at the end of the animation.