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why the jvm is so large?

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I compiled cldc for win32_i386 on winXP. But the size is so large.
in output/cldc: classes,tmpclasses,win32_i386,
I want to know what function of these directories.

in output/cldc/win32_i386 : dist, target, loopgen, romgen, tools
I want to know what function of these directories. And what is the different between dist and target?
in dist/bin: what is the different between cldc_vm_g.exe and cldc_vm.exe?

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Joined: 2004-03-04

The output directory contains all sorts of bits and pieces that software built on top of the cldc vm might need (such as MIDP). However, if you build a version of the cldc with system classes in ROM (ROMized) and you don't need debug information then cldc_vm.exe in dist/bin is the only thing you need. It is the actual self-contained VM including the cldc system classes and is only 370k in size. There are various other flavors of the vm, for more information please refer to the cldc build guide at

Hope that helps,

Terrence Barr
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Define "large". I wouldn't worry about the size of cldc though, when you compile midp it only includes the necessities of cldc.

cldc_vm_g is the debug version.