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Webstart and applets

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Is it possible to use webstart to install pre-requisites for an applet?

I have 1 constraint: The applet MUST NOT appear in it's own JWS popup window. It must remain integrated in the html. (I have html elements interacting with the applet via javascript)

The background is: I have an applet that uses the Java 3D extension. Currently this extension has to be manually installed before my applet works. It would be very user friendly if I could auto-install Java 3D if it is not present.

I have 2 ideal scenarios:
1. a one-step installation: Use JWS to launch the applet, installing J3D if required. (see constraint above)
2. a two-step installation: Use JWS to install J3D. Then the applet, launched at a later date from the same domain, but different URL, will function normally.

I have no previous JWS experience, so I'm hoping someone here knows if either/both scenarios are achievable /impossible before I spend loads of time investigating.

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In these kind of scenarios you can use java standard extensions for installing softwares.

You can wrap your installer inside a jar file and use that as an extension.
This link will help you.