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*** Contest launched: Get Creative. Get Noticed. Win a PS3! ***

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Joined: 2004-03-04

Announcing the Java Mobile Application Video Contest

Create a video to tell everyone in your own words about a new mobile application or service that was created using the Java ME Platform or open source phoneME project. Be it an application or service you saw or one that you created yourself - besides your chance at fame and glory, you can win great prizes such as a Sony Playstation 3, a Sony Ericsson K800 phone, or a Panasonic Blu-Ray DVD Player - just for submitting a short video telling the world what's cool about Java ME.


1. Grand Prize - Most Creative Video - Java ME Technology (1 Winner)
2. Best Video - Java ME Technology (3 Winners)
3. Best Video - Open Source Technology (1 Winner)

Category 3 is a special category for Open Source Technology and features a prize of a Sony Playstation 3 for applications created in the Application Developer Project ( of the Mobile & Embedded Community.

For contest details see:

Good luck!

-- Terrence

Terrence Barr
Evangelist, Java Mobile & Embedded Community
Sun Microsystems, Germany

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Joined: 2004-03-04

Sorry, yes certain countries are excluded - I am not sure why but I suspect there are legal reasons. ;-(

-- Terrence

Joined: 2003-06-13

Brazil is not included in the participant countries :(