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Feedback about the new orange animation

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Joined: 2006-08-23

I have some feedback regarding the planned new orange animation (presented at )

I do not like that just before the applet starts, "Come visit us at" will be displayed. My reasons:

- First and most important, it's prompting users to abandon the site that contains the applet. Can you imagine that Adobe would do the same with flash? Do you think webmasters would use flash for interactive media if it prompted users to abandon their sites? IMHO there's enough branding already just watching "Java" during load time. I can see the need for more marketing and branding but distracting the end users will do little to promote the use of Java in public sites.

- The website is nearly useless for the non-english-speaking common public. It is good for getting the JRE installed but not much more. Anyway, if I were to design, let's say, a game, I'd question doing it in java if it will ask my potential audience to go somewhere else to get competing offers. I know some will come and say "applets are only for intranets" and I'll say "fine, but if you want them anywhere else, you're not following the right path"

- By the time the user sees this animation, he will already have (at least) JRE 6.0u1 installed on his computer, which will also install the autoupdate scheduler. No need for anymore.

As for the look of the animation itself, it looks modern and the effects are great, good job on that one.

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Joined: 2004-12-12

i think this orange animation is supremely classy, but i agree that the "visit us at" at the end spoils it, visually and viscerally