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Msvcr71.dll not placed correctly on current JDK install (Offline)

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Today I installed a copy of the Java 6 SE JDK on a clean fresh install of Windows XP SP2. After install, I attempted to run a java app that I know works on Java 5. I recieved an error indicating that the file Msvcr71.dll was missing. After some research, I figured out that this file was in the JDK/bin folder, and that it is related to the Microsoft C library. It is needed in Windows/System32. As this prevents any java application from operating, perhaps the installer should be placing this file where it belongs.

As I am not used to handling java bugs, please let me know where I need to report this bug if this is not the place.

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Just wanted to thank you for this tip. It was very helpful.

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From :

Java SE 6 applications that use custom launchers must be installed with msvcr71.dll in the same directory as the launcher executable. This follows the new Windows C runtime distribution model, per

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sorry to be thick but what does that mean? Can you please provide me with some instructions on what to do to fix the problem (in plain language please).