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Moto Certificate Error JK_HTTP_EVENT_ERROR reason:107

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Ward Willats

At 12:52 PM 1/24/2007, you wrote:
>But, just after getting the certs from the server (it appears before
>the handset even tries to parse them, in fact) a 107 error is raised:
> [JkHttp] NET_HttpInteractionEvent SSL_ALERT_EVENT
> [JkHttp] NET_HttpInteractionEvent send JK_HTTP_EVENT_ERROR reason:107

The tech support at Motodev was very responsive on this problem. This
is refreshing and impressive. Their answer, for Google and the record:

This error means the domain name in the certificate does not match
the hostname in the URL, there was a problem on the phone which
caused this wrong ssl alerts with this reason.

this problem has been fixed in our new release phone,
R252211LD_U_85.9B.E3P please upgrade your phone and retest.

-- Ward

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