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JSR 135 & Samsung phones

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i am evaluating implementation of JSR 135 in Samsung Phones to develop
a video application. What it seems weird to me is that there is no
full JSR 135 implementation available for Samsung devices. I mined
information from:

and they claims they support only audio playback. So my question is:
is it authoritative this website? Or have you implemented a
stream-video player on samsung devices using j2me?

Thank you

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Hello Piero,

Are you trying to use JSR 135 implementation from some specific Samsung phone? If yes, ask Samsung. Only they can give a fully qualified responsible answer. I wish some Samsung engineer could read this thread and give the answer.

If they claim they don't support video, I would guess they really don't. But still some video functionality _may_ work: the GIF player. If you just want to make sure that your video application works with Samsung, try to play animated GIFs in JSR 135 Player. You may ask Samsung for sure. Or just try.

And, of course, you may use Wireless Toolkit to develop JSR 135 applications. It fully supports some video formats.

I want to note also, that video support is not a mandatory feature of JSR 135. And still each manufacturer tries to make its own optimized native implementation for video support for CLDC class devices, if they have enough performance. But the situation may change in the near future!..

Try to play!

Stanislav Narivonchik,
Java ME Multimedia.

Joined: 2004-03-04


Generally, the manufacturer will be the authoritative source on functionality and features.

The SDN device table at
lists most Samsung devices as supporting JSR 135.

MMAPI has a lot of optionality in terms of supported formats. You can check some of the supported features by calling System.getProperty(...). See the JSR 135 spec at for details.

Finally, there are Java-based video players available that you might be able to use. Try googling for them.

Hope that helps,

-- Terrence

Terrence Barr
Evangelist, Java Mobile & Embedded Community
Sun Microsystems, Germany