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We need a consistent mechanism to convey version information for
bug tracking purposes. Currently, the CDC builds support a command
line option "cvm -version" to get the high level product packaging
information. There has not been a command line option for this sort
of information in the feature phone bundles, because the embedded
device did not always include a "command line".

I'd like to gather the high level requirements before we make implementation
decisions about how the information should appear. Here are a few
initial requirements on the issue.

- should be consistent for phoneme feature and advanced products
- should be complete enough information to accurately file bugs
- should be complete to include all major component version
information in the presence of multiple profiles and optional
packages included in a build
- should be extensible to include third party information or OEM
added components, e.g. operator required additional interfaces
- should be visually present in source bundles, similar to other
top level notices or starting instructions
- should be accessible from binary releases, via command line
options or diagnostic displays(similar to about box information)

What additional requirements should we add to the list?

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Joined: 2006-09-25

Hi Gary,

phoneME Feature VM also supports a command line option "cldc_vm -version". The output looks:

> cldc_vm -version
Java Micro Edition
phoneME Feature VM 1.1 (build internal, product)

The version and build identifiers ("1.1" for version, "internal" for build) are configurable via build-time variables RELEASE_VERSION and BUILD_VERSION.