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jmaki.dcontainer problem

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Joined: 2007-01-19

Hi all
I am new to JMAKI. I have very simple pilot project using jmaki.

my index.jsp contains 'dojo fish eye' and two jmaki.dcontainer.

If I open this page in IE 7.0 or mozilla. It is working.
But if I open this page in IE 6.0. It hangs the browser.

I am using jmaki.dcontainer to display my 'content.jsp' in one div tag on the click of some link.
'content.jsp' contains many images.

If I remove these images. It is working in IE6.0 also.
I think that jmaki.dcontainer is not able to handle large content in IE 6.0

May be I am using jmaki.dcontainer for wrong purpose.

As it is just too imporant for me to seee my jmaki dreams through. :).

y messenger

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Joined: 2005-02-10

Hi phonenk,

I just tested the app I blogged about and a new app which
has alot of images in it and both worked. I'm running on IE 6. Any more info you can send?

I'll play around with this more and see what I can come up with.

We want you jMaki dreams to come true too :)


Joined: 2007-01-19

The application had started working just after replacing jmaki-commons.js.
with following:*checkout*/ajax/ws/
lib/ scripts/jmaki-common.js

I wud like to thanks Carla.Mott and Gregory.Murray who helped quite a lot in solving this.