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Case study: Sabre's Web services journey

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To get a sense of how Web services is radiating throughout the travel industry, check out Abacus International Pte. Two years ago, the Singapore-based travel facilitator, which runs 15,000 travel agencies in the Asia-Pacific region, generated just 1 percent of its total bookings online. But thanks to Web services-backed travel data Abacus is receiving from Sabre Holdings, its online bookings jumped to 11 percent of its transaction volume in 2005 and now represent 20 percent of its total volume, says Director Lim Lai Hock.

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hello ,
I am trying to create a simple web services application in netbeans5.5 IDE,
I am able to create a web service and I am able to publish it also but the problem comes when I am trying to create a client to consume that Web Service.It is always showing the error that there is some problem in downloading WSDL though i have given the correct WSDL URL.
Please try to sort out my problem.

Kapil Bhardwaj.