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New ResourceManagementMBean

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Resource adaptor management has been updated to 1.1 specifications.

For this reason a new mbean has been created, ResourceManagementMBean, which deprecates the current ResourceAdaptorMBean.

Relevant changes are related with method calls for entity link handling:
ResourceAdaptorMBean's createEntityLink(...) and removeEntityLink(..) methods have been replaced by ResourceManagementMBean's bindLinkName(...) and unbindLinkName(...)
Moreover, ResourceManagementMBean exposes new methods for resource configuration properties handling.

Though the two mbeans coexist together, the new one should be used instead of the old which will be probably removed when mobicents will be fully 1.1 compliant.
Suggested places where updates could be more probable are:
- external jmx clients
- startup bsh scripts


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It probably makes sense to add several tests that cover the new features.

The JSLEE 1.1 TCK will likely have an exhaustive coverage of the APIs, but in the meanwhile it will be nice if we have some minimal tests.