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Java on the Mac

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I recently packaged a program I was writing as a jar. Since I was using Netbeans, I packaged it using Java 5 release 10 and Java 6, the dev kits that are available for download. Unfortunately, neither jar worked on my friends' computers that had Macs. For PC users it worked fine, but they couldn't upgrade their versions of Java. I asked the Apple Campus Rep (who happened to be one of these friends) what his take on the situation was and he mentioned that Sun doesn't support Apple. I thought I'd cross check that with Java devs. Does Sun support Java on Macs? If not, why? If so, why is Apple always a step behind when it comes to Java? They're running Java 5 release 4 after the newest update for the OS. Leopard will be running Java 6, which although it has been released officially by Sun, it is only a dev preview for Mac. Also, release 7 is under development by Sun already but I saw nothing about 7 on the Mac webpage on Apple's site. Is there a reason Mac builds aren't released?

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The reason Apple has traditionally trailed is the need for PowerPC support.

As you may have noted, the JDK6 dev release does not include JIT for PowerPC, only for x86 (which is, of course, maintained by Sun). Hence the work for Apple is reduced to Aqua support.

However, given their commitment to PowerPC support for 10.5, they can't really release until the PPC JIT support is present, and that's always going to slow things somewhat.

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Java is supported on Mac OS X. However, it is supported by Apple, not Sun. Apple has made thir own JDKs under a license from Sun. The releases are generally a few maintence versions behind the current Sun release. Java 6 is still only available as a preview release while Java 5 is based on 1.5.0_06-68. The developer releases are freely available at, but are still under an NDA. Don't expect Java 6 to run on Mac OS X until Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

However, I have not had the same issues you are having. As long the code has been compiled to Java 5, I have not have had any issues compiling on Windows or Linux, and deploying on Mac OS X. Can you described your packaging and deployment?