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Is it possible to save application data to a file in this tool kit?

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Joined: 2006-11-30

Can I save application data to a file during run time (via the midlet)?

Thanks, Iris.

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Joined: 2006-10-18

Hi Iris,

There are at least two ways to store MIDlet's data to persistent storage.
The first one is to use RMS, the second one is to utilize JSR-75 (PDA optional packages).

Choosing the most suitable API depends on the goal you plan to achieve.
If you are looking for a mechanism to just keep data away from loosing between MIDlet's runs please use RMS.
RMS is a part of MIDP, therefore it presents on all platforms.

If you need to store data in particular format, you have to use JSR-75.
In this case please keep in mind what this is a optional JSR and it can absent on particular platform.

WBR, Alexey.