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Swing Automated Test Harness (SwATH)

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This functionality might be interesting to implement as an MXBean. Instead of listening on some custom port.

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I suggest you repost here:

Java GUI Testing Group

I doubt a JSR would be approved for this. Non-GUI (JUnit, TestNG, etc...) unit testing is much better understood and well established, yet has no official Java presence via a JSR.

Abbot is probably the leading open-source tool for Java GUI testing. That would be a good place to start.

The approach you are suggesting might ultimately require a custom Toolkit/GraphicsEnvironment. In theory, those are pluggable although implementation is quite a bit of work. I vaguely remember some company implementing a custom Toolkit/GraphicsEnvironment for GUI testing, but can't find a link. Fortunately, you can do a lot by adding a Toolkit listener.


One approach to Java GUI testing is outline here:

"XP Testing a GUI with FIT, Fitnesse, and Abbot"