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Comments about release 1.0

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I announced the release 1.0 on a french Linux website, and somebody did a
quite good comment.
He tried to send it on the forum, but he doesn't seem to be allowed to send
messages to the forum, quite strange...
Here is his message:


I've tested the lastest Looking Glass, here are some feedbacks, sorry if it
sounds a bit harsh, it's just a summary of what I wrote on a french forum

Tested on linux, opensuse for amd64, in full desktop.

visual aspect :
I find many colours are too basics (primary colors like red, cyan, blue...),
as for the shapes : cube, sphere, pyramid). Generally speaking, shapes are
quite too sharps (like the taskbar, and windows are too rectangulars, if they
were smoother it could be nicer)
The gradient on the windows border looks a bit odd too, like some buttons we
can find on old websites.
I find also the transparency for background windows too strong, it'd be nice
to be able to configure it a different way for the user.

The drop shadows are also strange, in a way they're not noticeable enough
(compare with mac os x for ex.), and the shadow of the right bottom corner of
a windows, although the window itself is a 90° angle, shows a different
shape, like it's cut at 45°.
Maybe it could be nice (but difficult to implement) to see the shadow moving
according to the height the window is supposed to be (like in real 3D)

Everything is either too blurry (xterm, other X11 windows, wallpaper etc), or
too aliased (fonts). When windows are parked, it gives also a moiré effect
(cf.é_pattern )
On the taskbar, the icons move too abruptly (unlike on mac os x dock)
If you resize a windows, the content of it resamples (fonts either increase or
decrease), before effectively being resised, it's too strange. I know on
compiz or mac os x it's slow to resize a windows, but it's still better than

There is no panoramic desktop on the binaries provided for linux (at least I
didn't find them on the application for selecting background)

The windows, looks nice with the inertie when you drag and move them

Accessibility :
It could be conveniant to be able to grab and resize the windows with keyboard
shortcuts, and give focus when you click on anywhere on a window. On LG you
can only resize by click on the right bottom corner, and move / give focus by
clicking on the title bar. We can't roll / fold windows by double clicking on
the title bar.

About the file explorer, it's funny to see, but not very easy to use. It can
only display pictures, if I click on a sound clip, I can see the hexadecimal
code of it. I can't assign a program to a file type it seems. If a file has a
long name, the font decreases in size, and it becomes unreadable.

General performance :
When I've tested LG, it hang several times. It's very hungry in ressources. I
have a decent computer, amd 64 2X 3600+, 1 Gb ram, and nvidia geforce 6100,
but on the processes java is at 60-80 % of CPU, and takes 40 % of memory.
I've tested it from a complete LG session, not in a window (from a kdm
session, btw you can also say one can use kdm to log in looking glass, not
only gdm)

In conclusion I find Looking Glass is an interesting technology, but it still
lacks some conveniancy we can find in other desktops (gnome / kde).
I don't know if it's intended to be primarly used on computer desktop, but I
would find it would fit best on t.v. show, multimedia centers, exhibitions

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