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Comments about release 1.0

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I announced the release 1.0 on a french Linux website, and somebody did a
quite good comment.
He tried to send it on the forum, but he doesn't seem to be allowed to send
messages to the forum, quite strange...
Here is his message:


I've tested the lastest Looking Glass, here are some feedbacks, sorry if it
sounds a bit harsh, it's just a summary of what I wrote on a french forum

Tested on linux, opensuse for amd64, in full desktop.

visual aspect :
I find many colours are too basics (primary colors like red, cyan, blue...),
as for the shapes : cube, sphere, pyramid). Generally speaking, shapes are
quite too sharps (like the taskbar, and windows are too rectangulars, if they
were smoother it could be nicer)
The gradient on the windows border looks a bit odd too, like some buttons we
can find on old websites.
I find also the transparency for background windows too strong, it'd be nice
to be able to configure it a different way for the user.

The drop shadows are also strange, in a way they're not noticeable enough
(compare with mac os x for ex.), and the shadow of the right bottom corner of
a windows, although the window itself is a 90