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Creating a secure Peer Group

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Hello World!!!,
Myself is working on one of the application of JXTA tecnology. I want to give log in and password to group say "XYZ". Any new peer must set the appropriate login and password before joing the group. I tried as follows
StructuredDocument creds = null;
creds=net.jxta.document.StructuredDocumentFactory.newStructuredDocument(new MimeMediaType("text/xml"),"NodeManagerLogin");

String uname=javax.swing.JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,"Enter the username:");
String pwd=javax.swing.JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,"Enter the Password:");

// Generate the credentials for the Peer Group
AuthenticationCredential authCred =
new AuthenticationCredential( tpGroup, null, creds );

// Get the MembershipService from the peer group
MembershipService membership = tpGroup.getMembershipService();

// Get the Authenticator from the Authentication creds
Authenticator auth = membership.apply( authCred );

// Check if everything is okay to join the group
if (auth.isReadyForJoin())
Credential myCred = membership.join(auth);
but when i run this twise it does not one with wrong username and password it does not display error

Please help.

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Joined: 2007-08-10

i have the some question,any one knows how to implement it?
3x lot.