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Stupid question? Debian/KDE/Gnome menus?

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Joined: 2006-12-23

why isn't my Debian menu or my KDE or Gnome menu showing up?

All I want to do is run my normal applications on the desktop, not the 3D file navigator which barfs at the sheer size of my home and desktop.

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Joined: 2005-11-08

When you run Looking Glass in >>developer mode<< or >>application mode<<, LG3D runs in a window on your desktop so you have direct access to your default menu.
But when you run Looking Glass in >>session mode<< (by using GDM), it runs as the sole window manager. That's why you don't have access to your GNOME/KDE menus.

AFAIK Mr Juan González worked on this, but unfortunately I don't know the results.