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Project Looking Glass in Ubuntu, help needed.... [repost]

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Joined: 2003-06-13

At the Ubuntu developer conference a few weeks ago there was considerable interest in putting Project Looking Glass in the Ubuntu Multiverse (or maybe even Universe). This is now possible with the open sourcing of Java (and Java 3D which is in the pipeline).

In order to get Project Looking Glass into the repositories we need to create debian src packages for the projects and also scrub the projects to use platform provided libraries (such as log4j etc) are used rather than providing our own duplicates.

So is anyone out there willing to take ownership of this task and drive Project Looking Glass into the next release of Ubuntu ?

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Joined: 2006-03-28

Well, im just starting around with LG3D, but im VERY interested in making it available to ubuntu, as im a BIg fan of both projects (LG3D/Ubuntu)...

However, i have to say, im just a COMPLETE noob when it comes to both of the essential traits required here, LG3D itself and making deb packages... so im only saying that, i dont think i can take responsibility of the tasks, im just offering my help if anyone needs it, i mean if there is someone out there with the experience, but without the time, tell me what to do/read/change etc and ill dig into it and do it