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permission denied error

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I need a bit of a kick in the right direction. I have created a very simple jMaki project in Netbeans and have deployed it to a Resin server that my Hosting provider is using.

The pages starts to display in the browser but then stops before it renders the dojo.clock and dojo.according widgets with an error of...

uncaught exception: Permission denied to call method

I'm sure this is something that my hosting provider has messed up on their end (I've had to work around a lot of things with this stupid Resin server) but I don't know where this would be getting called in the code.

Can you give me some ideas on what to look for? I have the Developer Tool plugin for Firefox and can see the code where it is doing the .open call, but I'm not sure what the dojo widget is trying to connect to.

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Wasn't this question already answered? What happened to my answer and your reply back?

Did we travel in time or something?... or did the forum have a hick-up and some messages have been lost?


Edit: Nevermind, I found out that the forums had a crash and some content is still to be recovered... we'll see :).

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It was all a dream....... ;-)

For those that may have not had the benefit of reading the answer a day or two ago, it was pointed out that this could be found via a Google search to point at possible attempts to do an XMLHTTPRequest call across domains. Which of course is not allowed by JavaScript security.

I haven't had the time yet to dig into the code and see where that call is being made to. However I know that this same code runs without the error on my localhost machine with both Tomcat and Sun App Server 9 (Glassfish)

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AFAIK , this is a bug in IE and can be fixed. This is still a bug in firefox.
The only clue I got is to use a JSON webservice.

If you are using dojo you can fix this in IE by using preventBackButtonFix:true in djConfig, but not in FF.

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