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JSR-179 (Location API) project pending approval

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Joined: 2006-11-26

Hi all,

I created the project to upload my open source implementation of the location API. It's still awaiting approval, just wondering if I'd been forgotten as I'd really like to upload the content over the holiday period :-)

Since I started the project, it has become more than I'd originally expected. It occurred to me that the project need not be restricted to emulation environments. It should be possible to use bluetooth GPS devices or access the mobile hardware (especially phones, which all have triangulation support for the emergency services) to add a location API where the manufacturer was too lazy to include support.

I've ordered a bluetooth GPS device and I'm hoping to add generic support for location awareness, which is supposedly over standard bluetooth/serial/navigation protocols. This will work on phones and in the emulation environment.

JSR-179 requires MIDP-2 and CLDC-1.1, but I've even been toying with the idea of using Polish-style techniques to add support to CLDC-1.0 devices (like my Motorola RAZR).

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Joined: 2003-06-06

Ugh! Well this exactly the type of project that I want to see in the Mobile & Embedded Community but in the end have to deny.

Unfortunately, unless a JSR has been approved for development in a open source environment it runs the risk that the owner of the JSR could bring litigation against the developer for non-compliance with the TCK while the project is under development. While I currently consider this a flaw in the JCP process it non the less puts the community in a situation where I could put the community or the project owner at risk.

That said, Sun is working with JSR-179 owner to allow Sun to provide their implementation in within the phoneME project. When that is cleared you are encouraged to work on JSR-179 directly in the phoneME project. The added benefit is that the work would benefit the community as whole rather than just one project and would reduce the fragmentation of the platform which is one of the goals of the community.

Roger Brinkley
Mobile & Embedded Community Leader