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newbie question: documentation

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maybe sorry for that question: I search the documentation for the jmaki widget (api, parameter ...). On the Jmaki HP i found nothing and also under netbeans IDE himself i found nothing.

Thanks for help

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In netbeans there is a little jMaki (logo button) on the toolbar or you can right click on any widget and see the documentation on it. We don't have everyone covered yet but we are working on it.

See the bug on this at:

If you are not in netbeans you can see the documentation by looking into the widget directory and the widget.json. This data is meant to be read by a tool and we plan to create a tool that will allow us to browse the documents in HTML.

If you need help on any given widget please post a question on the forum for now and we will address it here.

Thank you for pointing this out and for your patience.