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Accessing the IE engine from a java swing application

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Hi all ,
I am working on a swing application that actually has an embedded browser inside it.I used the jdic browser with IE as the browser engine. Now i need some added functionality in the browser. I need the actual object detail of the DOM object to be passed to my application when i hover over a particular DOM object like a textbox ( similar functionality that the firebug plugin of firefox has ) How can i access the IE engine or do i need to do some thing else to achieve this functionality? I looked up the loadLibrary function so that i could load the native dll file in windows and use it, but could not understand which file to load and how to use it. Is it possible to load the dll library to gain this functionality ? Please advice me in the earliest ..
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From past experience, interaction with IE is pretty limited. Unless you have an in with Microsoft.

If you want to use an embedded browser try JRex

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The ability to seemlessly muck with the DOM from within the browser or Java is sorely needed. At the moment, I believe you can send javascript to the browser, which gives you the abillity to modify the page from Swing, but not the other way around :(