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jMaki ibrowser. How to use.

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Hello everybody,
I am trying to build website for my friend which are the artist. I decide to use ibrowser. But it is hardly to find any clue for it customization. How one could use the own pictures for ibrowser? As I understand it should be "JSON" and "url" field insteed of "flickr" and "tag". But when I try to do so I do not have any image on the ibrowser. Any suggestions what to read on that matter?
Thanks a lot.

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Here is the usage of the tag for a json based file:

The JSON format of the file can be seen in the following example:*checkout*/ajax/ws/jmaki/widgets...

The file birds.js should be relative to the tag declaration and if you want it in the context root (bottom directory of your application) where you can share it consider url:'/birds.js' instead of url:'birds.js'