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mr1 build under scratchbox

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I ma trying to build mr1 under scratchbox. Is there a way i can avoid the java compilation ?

sb is an environement that simulates a target arm machine so calling the jdk compiler from that env does not work since the jdk is meant for x86. Now i am able to build the same code outside of the sb env. So i just need a way to bypass the java compilation since they are already compiled.

BTW due to the exelent help i was getting here i was able to build and run my firs midlet under linux_i386 ... now moving to arm .. thank you so much !

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Joined: 2005-09-22

One simple solution for your kind of problem is not use sb evironment. By setting GNU_TOOLS_DIR to proper arm compilers in your x86 environment, you should be able to compile for target arm.
But still it would be better if we have arm libraries of JDK for complete target build.