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Old Domain New Installation

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Joined: 2005-03-28

Here is what I did:

I had a "real" website running SJSAS 9.0
It had lots of jpeg files and exe files.
Everything worked fine.

I installed SJSAS 9.1, build 26, and simply copied the domain from 9.0
over to 9.1
Immediately -- all jpegs and exe's were served up as plain text!
Otherwise, everything worked fine.

I spent a bunch of time investigating. I finally created a new domain,
and then deployed all the webapps, and copied over docroot. Everything
was once again working.

What to do? Is this a bug or expected behavior? Is an old domain
supposed to work on a new installation?

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Joined: 2005-04-04

This is rather unfortunate. Can you tell me if there were
differences between default-web.xml in existing
domain/config and new-domain/config folder?

At any rate, I sense a bug somewhere ...