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Nokia S60 3rd edition - hidden method badness

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Hi y'all,

It appears that there are some (at least one) undocumented methods in the
midp implementation on Nokia series 60 3rd edition devices for certain

If you accidentally override this method in a derived class, your app will
fail to run, as the derived class will through an exception when the class
loaded tries to load it.


class AppCanvas extends Canvas{

protected void paint(Graphics g){
// some painting

public synchronized void update(){
//do nothing


Trying to instantiate this class will fail on 3rd edition devices (at least
on my N91 and N70) - but works on the emulator just fine.


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Thanks for posting this. Would you mind re-posting on the phoneME feature forum as because that is where the MIDP experts will be.


-- Terrence

Terrence Barr
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